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Cleaner’s Pay Rise

We would like to announce that our cleaner’s rate of pay will be increasing by £1 per hour. We have decided to increase our cleaner’s rate of pay, so we can continue to provide our Clients with experienced, dedicated and…

Free time – For sale

Very precious free time Item condition: New Quantity:[3 hours] per week    Price: £10.75 per hour Add to basket    

Mums – Give yourself a break!

As a Mum, you wear many hats. Don’t you think its time you crossed one job title off the list! Managing Director Chef Taxi driver Negotiator Cleaner Teacher Hair stylist Events Coordinator Counsellor  

How to make the most of your weekly clean.

1. Don’t clean before your cleaner comes to clean. Believe it or not, this is a very common mistake to make.  It is human nature to make sure that your house is clean before someone comes to visit. But if…

Living for the weekend – Come home to a clean home

Why we have a Friday clean… You know the feeling, It’s Friday night, the in-laws are coming for the weekend, the house is a mess and you’ve got approximately 30 minuets to get the place looking ship shape. You rush…

Midweek Clean – Come home to a clean home

Why we have a Wednesday clean… When we were both working, my wife used to clean the house every week, but since we have retiered, we have been so busy (we don’t just sit around in our slippers all day,…

Choose a Tuesday – Come home to a clean home.

Why I have a Tuesday Clean… I leave for work at 6.30am and don’t get home until late, just enough time to rustle up dinner and catch up with game of thrones before I head off to bed. I don’t…

Brighten up your Mondays – Come home to a clean home!

Why I have a Monday Clean… It’s Saturday afternoon and my teenage Son, has finally materialised from his bedroom, he greets me with the standard adolescent grunt, as he makes his way to the kitchen to forage for food. Without…

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