How to make the most of your weekly clean.

How to make the most of your weekly clean.

How to make the most of your weekly clean.

1. Don’t clean before your cleaner comes to clean.

Believe it or not, this is a very common mistake to make.  It is human nature to make sure that your house is clean before someone comes to visit. But if you do this before your cleaner visits, they won’t have anything to do!

2. Tidy up the night before.

Just spend a few minuets, putting the kids toys away and tidying the shoes in the hall. Because the tidier your house is, the more cleaning your cleaner can do.

3. Take the dogs out.

If you have pets, try and make sure they are not at home while your cleaner cleans. She will do a much better job, if you can keep them out the way.

4. Don’t pay your cleaner to talk

Your cleaner will be cheerful and friendly. So by all means say hello and have a quick chat, but don’t spend hours talking to her, or she will run out of time to clean.

5. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is working.

Always make sure you have a good working vacuum cleaner. Your cleaner will do her best, with the equipment you supply, but if your hoover isn’t picking up properly, your carpets will look the same as when she started.

6. Make sure your cleaner knows where everything is.

Not everyone keeps their cleaning products under the sink. Always make sure you are stocked up on everything your cleaner needs and that it is easy to get to. If you keep your ironing board in the shed or your rubber gloves in the garage, bring them in the night before.

7. Make sure you have the right amount of hours for your requirements.

If you live on your own in a one bed flat, you probably won’t need 5 hours cleaning per week. Equally if you have a 4 bedroom family home, with 3 bathrooms. 2 hours per week is not going to cut it.

8. Select the best day for you.

If you have your clean on a Friday, you may find the house needs cleaning again after the weekend. Always select the day that gives you best value for money(so your house stays clean for as long as possible.) You may want to consider having the clean twice a week.

9. Leave your cleaner a note

If you are not at home to speak to your cleaner, always leave them a note, if you have any special requirements for that week. Some people leave a list of what needs doing, so the cleaner can tick it off as she goes along.

10. Give feedback

Feedback is very important. If your cleaner is doing a great job, let them know; everyone likes to feel apreciated. If there is anything that you are unhappy with, inform them straight away, so they can rectify it.

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